On Mission is a quarterly magazine that engages children, preschool through upper elementary, with a cultural feast for their minds and hearts. Through beautiful images, living books, engaging activities, simple handicrafts, stimulating challenges, interesting stories, and wise discipleship, our children are introduced to countries and cultures in a gentle and classical way.

God’s Creation is massive, and His Image-Bearers diverse. Cultural studies can be daunting or awkward when we aren’t empowered to share the beauty of all of God’s people from a mentality of “same, same, but different.”

  • We want to tell our children about Jesus and his love for all the world, but we can feel uncertain about discussing unreached people groups.
  • We want to show our children the experiences, sights, lifestyles, beliefs, and beauty of all of God’s people without running into content that our little ones aren’t old enough to understand.
  • We want to introduce the geographical features of the world in the CONTEXT of the people and animals that live upon the terrain.
  • We want a whole, healing geography and cultural education for our children that equips them with living ideas and pricks their hearts for the people of God all over the world.
  • We want to study culture, geography, and the work of missionaries around the world in the context of the history of that culture.
  • We need quick and easy implementation while also desiring beauty and depth.
  • And it would be AMAZING if the whole family could enjoy it and learn together, too!

If this is how you’ve been feeling, then you’re going to love this magazine-style curriculum from The Gentle + Classical Press!

Let's dig deeper into what each issue of

On Mission includes!

  • 60 Pages of Content (Beginning with our Greece issue; previous issues include 52 while our first issue - India - has 48 pages)
  • “At-a-Glance” Age Classifications
  • Short, Thorough Geography Lessons
  • History Overview
  • Geography Memory Statements
  • Art and Music
  • Step-by-Step Handicraft Instruction

  • Games
  • World Religion Information
  • Historical Missionary Biography
  • Prayer Points + Current Missions
  • Understanding Missions Articles
  • Recipes + Food Explorations
  • Special Challenges for Advanced Work for 4th-6th Grade
  • “You Try It” Opportunities


  • Blackline Maps
  • Paper Dolls
  • Geography Memory Statement Cards
  • Vocabulary Flashcards
  • Notebooking Pages
  • Various engaging worksheets or activities each issue

(*included in a separate digital file for all purchasers)

Student Notebook +

Card Set:

Beginning with On Mission: Ukraine, our "printables" have turned into an organized, 12-unit Student Notebook that includes a schedule, helpful links, workbook pages, notebooking sections, and much more!

The "Card Set" includes our Memory Statement Cards, Paper Dolls, and Foreign Language Flashcards.

Click below to flip-through a sample of our Greece Student Notebook and Card Set.

You have TWO options for enjoying On Mission:


Volume 1 Titles:

On Mission: India

Want to try a digital issue for FREE???

Since On Mission: India was our very first issue, it's also our shortest at 42 pages. Additionally, we've grown so much since then! Regardless of how our issues have evolved over time, we often hear that India is still a family favorite. We want you to be able to SEE and READ the content yourself, before making any purchases. Head to our SHOP to download On Mission: India 100% FREE!

Volume 2 Titles:

Volume 3 Titles:

Volume 4 Titles:

Our Next Issue is On Mission: Afghanistan -

October 1, 2023

In our upcoming issue of On Mission, explore the geography, culture, history, and communities of Afghanistan!

In this 60-page issue we cover/include: 

  • Living Book List
  • Guidance on scheduling and planning
  • Modern Missionary Challenges
  • Current Missionary Efforts in Afghanistan
  • Historical Missionary: J. Christy Wilson
  • History of Afghanistan
  • Geography terms
  • Geography of Central Asia
  • Snow Leopard, Markhor, Siberian Musk, and More
  • Music and Art of Afghanistan
  • Dried Fruit and Nut Farming
  • Everyday Afghan Phrases
  • Daily Life like housing, schools, clothing, and games
  • Day in the Life of a Carpet maker
  • Special Feature on the Silk Road
  • Special Feature on Life Under the Taliban
  • Food Parade
  • In the Student Notebook and Card Sets you'll find: Flashcards, Maps, a Printable Passport with a flag and "stamps," Vocabulary Flashcards, Notebooking Pages, a 12-week schedule, and More!

2023 (Volume 4)

  • Greece (January)
  • Canada (April)
  • Madagascar (July)
  • Afghanistan (October)

(Volume 5)

  • France (January)
  • Cuba (April)
  • Morocco (July)
  • Indonesia (October)

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How much does it cost?

Back issues are available in our shop for $14.99, but if purchasing multiple, please add code MISSION15 at checkout to save 15% on non-bundled issues. Subscriptions are $9.99 in print + digital or $6.99 for digital delivery quarterly: Jan 1, April 1, July 1, and Oct 1.

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All new subscriptions for On Mission (digital or print) do NOT receive any currently released issues. When you subscribe, you will be billed on the FIRST of the next quarter deadline (which are Jan 1, April 1, July 1, October 1.) Subscriptions that begin after Jan 1 will not be billed until April 1 and would receive the April issue, etc. If you would like an issue that has already been released, you may order current and back issues individually HERE.  

What does each issue include?

Each issue includes opportunities to explore geography, science, math, world religions, missions, Bible history, cultural history, scripture, conservation, and more along with handicrafts, art, and music exploration. It includes articles written about historical missionaries and guest contributions from modern, experienced missionaries as well. It also includes an additional digital file of maps, Memory Statement Cards, and gorgeous paper dolls that feature traditional clothing from each locale.

Beginning with our Ukraine issue, we have created a new Student Notebook feature that provides additional books, YouTube links, activity ideas, 12-week scheduling, and activity pages that make implementing On Mission easier and more joyful for your family!


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The MAGAZINE content (52 pages-60 pages) comes in print to your doorstep in a saddle-stitched magazine format. However there are still additional resource files that will be emailed to you that will need to be printed IF you want to use them. These include: Memory Statement Cards, Paper Dolls, and Maps. Currently, you cannot purchase these in print format. They are emailed as a digital file to ALL subscribers.  

You may also select the "+Student Notebook" options for your subscription and we will mail you printed student notebooks and a "card set" which includes the Memory Statement Cards, foreign language term cards, and paper dolls.

What age is the magazine created for?

This program is primarily created for children K-5th grade. However, we’ve made sure to include content that ensures that both slightly younger and slightly older children can be included without being bored or lost. 


The Card Set is a new way we've organized some of the additional printables that have always been available with On Mission. In this set, you'll find the geography Memory Statement Cards, Paper Dolls, and the watercolor Foreign Language Term flashcards.

Beginning with our Ukraine issue, we have created a new Student Notebook feature that provides additional books, YouTube links, activity ideas, 12-week scheduling, and activity pages that make implementing On Mission easier and more joyful for your family!

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How is this "Charlotte Mason" or Classical?

“For educative purposes, the child must learn such geography, and in such a way, that his mind shall thereby be stored with ideas, his imagination with images; for practical purposes he must learn such geography only as, the nature of his mind considered, he will be able to remember; in other words, he must learn what interests him. The educative and the practical run in one groove, and the geography lesson becomes the most charming occupation of the child’s day.

Give him next intimate knowledge, with the fullest details, of any country or region of the world, any county or district of his own country. It is not necessary that he should learn at this stage what is called the ‘geography’ of the countries of Europe, the continents of the world––mere strings off... It may be necessary to leave out a good deal, but every illustrative anecdote, every bit of description, is so much towards the child’s education. Here, as elsewhere, the question is, not how many things does he know, but how much does he know about each thing.” V1; p275

As you see, as we approach our “geography” study throughout this interesting medium, we are indeed reflecting the heart of a Charlotte Mason and Classical education to give intimate knowledge, with full details, stocking their imaginations full of living ideas.

How do I schedule this "magazine" as homeschool curriculum?

In your digital files, you will find a free "co-op" planner that includes a range of ideas and schedules for using a magazine in one month or over 3 months. These ideas and schedules are all applicable to home use. Most families have a special On Mission day in their week. Each week, they choose one topic (like missions, history, geography of the country, geography of the region, animals, clothing, food, etc) and read about that one topic. They then add additional books (suggested in the magazine), hands-on opportunities, or YouTube videos to expand the experience!

What religious affiliation does this magazine have? What are the religious beliefs of the authors? Is this magazines "sponsored" by any organization?

I (Erin, founder of The Gentle + Classical Press) am a non-denominational, protestant Christian, thusly this program is written from the full belief that the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) was given by Jesus to all believers- past, present, and future.

If you believe that our only salvation is found in Jesus Christ as Lord (Romans 5:1), that Jesus is the hope of the world (Matthew 12:21), and that no one goes to the Father except through Christ (John 14:6), then you should find this publication theologically agreeable.

You can find my complete Statement of Faith HERE.

This magazine has been brainstormed and created by The Gentle + Classical Press team. No organization, church, or entity backs, sponsors, or otherwise manages this magazine. This is just a plain-Jane homeschooling mom utilizing resources and connections to bring you the best content she can!

15% of profits from subscription renewals are donated to Mission Resource Network. "Mission Resource Network was established in 1998 to help autonomous congregations serve the mission of God more effectively. As we have grown, God has given us the opportunity to partner alongside both churches and missionaries so they can do missions more effectively." Learn more about the goals, visions, and beliefs of MRNET here.

Have questions about The Gentle + Classical Press, other programs, or our shipping and refund policies? Click these links to find our FAQ and POLICIES.

Here are what others have to say about On Mission

“I received the copy of On Mission a couple of days back, and only had the opportunity to look and read through some pages with my kid today. I just want to say a big THANK YOU for a great quality and wonderful magazine that will be a great supplement to our homeschool curriculum. Love the Christ-centered content and let’s just say that I've been looking for something like that for a long time, and the magazine is an answered prayer! Thanks again and may God continue to bless you and your team! Looking forward to another great issue!” -Ivy

“My 8 year old girl gave this “10 stars!,” for the beautiful pictures, the recipe and craft ideas, and the story about Amy Carmichael (her favorite missionary!). I loved how this issue takes you through so many aspects of the culture of India. My favorite part is throughout the issue there are specific suggestions on how to pray for missionaries, the unreached people groups, and the people of India. We are excited for more!” -Rachel C.