Need the *perfect* Family Collective plan? One that's not too overwhelming but not too rigid either?

There are so many "morning time" or "morning basket" plans available to homeschoolers right now that it can be really overwhelming. Most of us want to cover as much content as we can, for as many children as we can, as efficiently as possible while still enjoying the process and instilling beauty in little souls.

Morning Virtues is the the humanities option from The Gentle + Classical Press for children who've aged out of Primer and includes all that you love about Preschool and Primer, for your older children, first through high school (seriously), like living books, scripture memory, catechism, art/composer study, poetry, manners/hygiene, and more!

Three of your favorites shops have joined together to simplify the overwhelm and bring you exactly what you need for a great Charlotte Mason/Classical-inspired family collective!

Morning Virtues is a bi-monthly volume- created for all of your children, 1st grade and up- that brings beauty, connection, and character into your homeschool days.

In a multi-age homeschool, we can struggle to incorporate the "riches" into our homeschool day in a way that is meaningful to both our 6-year-old and our 17-year-old.

Through the convenience of Morning Virtues, you'll find that:

1) Children that span 6-18 years can enjoy and benefit from the same beautiful and wholesome living read-alouds.

2) First graders can learn just as much about amazing artists and composers as their older siblings.

3) You only have to follow the convenient schedule to enjoy looping two read-alouds and artist/composer study.

4) The included menus and memory statement cards provide opportunities for all of your children to memorize the same portions of scripture and catechisms but in the right size "chunk" and in the proper format for their age and reading (or pre-reading) ability.

5) A broad age span can all enjoy handicrafts together with small modifications.

6) Your family can grow in beauty, connection, and character through 30-45 minutes together each day.

The included schedule allows for:

  • Diligently completing all 28 days in just 4 weeks, making room for other morning time opportunities


  • Real life! Implement Morning Virtues 3-4 mornings per week and have a full two months to make it through the 28 days before the next volume is available.

You have TWO options for enjoying Morning Virtues:



Morning Virtues: Courage
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In the Joy volume of Morning Virtues, you'll find the following content:

  • Hymn: My Hope is Built on Nothing Less
  • Bible Reading + Catechism: Romans
  • Scheduled Read-Alouds: Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter and Finding Langston by Lesa Cline-Ransome
  • Artist Study: Winslow Homer
  • Composer Study: Florence Price
  • Affirmation
  • Scripture: Romans 8:24-27
  • Poem: Hope is the Thing with Feathers (Dickinson) & To Hope (Smith)
  • Folk Song: Down in the River
  • Handicrafts: Paper Doves & Rainbow Wall Hanging
  • Manners + Hygiene: Stewardship of Nature
  • Memory Statement Cards
  • Short Story: People Who Could Fly (African-American Folktale)

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Morning Virtues: 
Coming 04/01/22

Let's dig deeper into what each volume of Morning Virtues includes.

*The following images uses our inaugural volume- Courage- as an example.

Each volume of Morning Virtues includes a custom-aligned Meaningful Menu. These menus include the following:

  • Sheet music for the hymn
  • Sonnet
  • Poem
  • Affirmation mirroring Charlotte Mason's "I am, I can, I ought, I will."
  • Scripture for recitation and memory.
  • Folk Song
  • Catechism related to the Bible section of focus

Each volume of Morning Virtues includes a special handicraft and short story courtesy of Rooted Childhood. This short story is the perfect segway into these special crafts and activities that are sure to build virtue as they're explored and enjoyed!

These handicrafts or activities have been chosen with simplicity and craft in mind. They can be worked on little by little and with only minimal craft investments!

A special artist and composer are featured in each volume. Our teacher's guide includes a special biography for each, written with a focus on their virtue or the trials they may have faced or endured.

Additionally, you will find a selection of art and compositions scheduled over the 28 days from each of these masters. A YouTube playlist is linked for listening to the compositions and watching their performance.

You don't have to start from scratch! In our included schedules we read one book each day, and cover two books over the 28 scheduled days (one literature and the other historical fiction or biographical). Additionally, we loop back and forth between our artist and composer study, and we work our way through a reading of a specific book of the Bible.

Each day is planned- you just open and read the pages as listed or study the art or composition listed.

All about the books! Each volume includes two virtue-rich books that are excellent read-alouds for all children (and even adults!). These featured books are included on the daily schedule.

You'll also find an additional "book menu." These books are also beautiful, virtue-rich, and mirror each volumes' theme. One column includes longer chapter books for children grades 3+ and the other column includes wonderful picture books that all of your children will enjoy!

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